Energy Healing and
Spiritual Psychotherapy in Edinburgh
with Sharadha Bain

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Welcome to my Edinburgh practice in energy healing and spiritual psychotherapy.

For over 20 years, I have been helping people work through the difficulties in their lives and find more meaning and purpose, love and joy, calm and contentment.

Clients in Edinburgh and beyond find that the energy healing and spiritual psychotherapy I offer eases suffering, and further, opens them to new possibilities in terms of how they view themselves and how they experience life.

As a healer and psychotherapist, I offer a safe and confidential space to bring your troubles and be heard, understood and helped. You don't have to struggle alone any longer.

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Personal problems and life issues:

  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Have been unhappy for a long time
  • Self-esteem - struggling to feel good about yourself
  • Chronic worry, anxiety or fears

  • Trauma and mental health struggles:

  • Haunted by memories from the past
  • Struggling to recover from recent or childhood trauma
  • Needing support in recovering from abuse and rebuilding yourself
  • Been diagnosed with a mental health issue such as depression or bipolar disorder or another psychotic illness

  • Relationship and marriage problems:

  • Single and lonely
  • Struggling to find a fulfilling long-term relationship
  • Feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage
  • Being mistreated in your relationship
  • Grieving the loss of a relationship or marriage
  • Recovering from divorce
  • Sexual difficulties

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  • Family problems:

  • Feeling undervalued in your family
  • Stressed due to too many family responsibilities
  • Feeling alone and unsupported

  • Parenting anxieties:

  • Coping with fears during pregnancy
  • Wanting support with becoming a mother or a father
  • Having trouble adjusting to being a parent

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    Career and work problems:

  • Conflicts at work
  • Struggling to move ahead in your career
  • Feeling unfulfilled with your career path

  • Physical health problems:

  • Dealing with a frightening health diagnosis
  • Dealing with the aftermath of an accident, injury or surgery
  • Psychosomatic conditions
  • Living with chronic pain or fatigue

  • Through our energy healing and spiritual psychotherapy you can:
  • Improve your relationship or marriage
  • Have better relationships with family and friends
  • Feel more confident and be at peace with yourself
  • Grow in self-awareness and become wiser
  • Heal old wounds that have been holding your back
  • Move forward in the direction of your dreams.

  • Edinburgh-based Healer and Psychotherapist - a blend of the spiritual and psychological

    I have woven together my many years of training in energy healing and psychotherapy with my lifelong immersion in spiritual traditions from both East and West. I have combined these approaches so they seamlessly fit together and enhance one another. This blend is particularly suited for people who have a spiritual and philosophical approach to life, or would like more support than psychotherapy or counselling alone.

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    I offer a high level of expertise and experience

    As the awareness of healing and its benefits continues to grow, it would be easy for people seeking help to be confused by the many modalities available today.

    Some types of healing are simple and gentle hands-on techniques learned by practitioners in a few weekends.

    Others are much more complex and profound, requiring many, many years of study and dedication. At these levels, there is no such thing as 'one size fits all'. Each healing is made-to-measure, carefully considered from many dimensions, and finely calibrated to give the person exactly what is needed in that particular point in his/her life.

    Since my own inner journey began, I have been fortunate to study intensively for over 20 years with some of the world's most extraordinary teachers of healing - in the United States, India, Middle East and Europe. During those years, I have also worked with clients from many cultures, ages and professional backgrounds.

    In addition to my healing studies, I am also a highly-trained psychotherapist, registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and thereby on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.

    I bring these learnings and high levels of experience to my energy healing and spiritual psychotherapy practice in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Whether you are seeking support for your physical health, healing for your mental and emotional well-being or guidance for your spiritual growth, I would like to share with you the luminous gifts of love, knowledge and wisdom that I have myself received from my teachers.

    May they enrich your life and lead you to joy.

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    If you would like to discuss how energy healing and spiritual psychotherapy could help you, please contact me to arrange a meeting at my consulting room in Edinburgh.

    Click here to get in touch.

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