Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing
and Jin Shin Jyutsu in Edinburgh
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Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing in Edinburgh

Healing is a powerful path to facilitating foundational change and evolution – both internally within ourselves, and externally in all areas of our life.

Working with the spiritual paradigm, we recognise every piece of our life – even our suffering - as being of value and containing light within it waiting to be revealed. The revelation of this light brings many precious life-enhancing gifts such as love, connectedness, creativity, joy, wisdom and a sense of meaning and purpose.

By relating to ourselves and our difficulty in this new inclusive way, we grow in profound ways and our lives move forward and change.

Whether our suffering is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, each session creates space for a deepening of awareness so that the roots of our difficulty can emerge for transformation.

Profound inner shifts can occur, leading to organic change in our external circumstances, beyond what we could have imagined to be possible.

Spiritual Healing is as effective long-distance as in-person. For those who don’t live in the Edinburgh area, the session takes place over video link (Skype or FaceTime or Zoom).


Here are some of the difficulties where spiritual healing and energy healing can be really helpful:

Personal problems and life issues:

  • Feeling stuck in life
  • Generally unhappy
  • Self-esteem - struggling to feel good about yourself
  • Chronic worry, anxiety or fears

    Trauma and mental health struggles:
  • Haunted by memories from the past
  • Struggling to recover from recent or childhood trauma
  • Needing support in recovering from abuse and rebuilding yourself
  • Suffering from a mental health issue such as depression, or bipolar disorder or another psychotic illness

    Relationship and marriage problems:
  • Single and lonely
  • Difficulty in finding a fulfilling long-term relationship
  • Feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage
  • Being mistreated in your relationship
  • Grieving the loss of a relationship or marriage
  • Recovering from divorce
  • Sexual difficulties

    Family problems:
  • Feeling undervalued in your family
  • Stressed due to too many family responsibilities
  • Feeling alone and unsupported

    Parenting anxieties:
  • Coping with fears during pregnancy
  • Wanting support with becoming a mother or a father
  • Having trouble adjusting to being a parent

    Career and work problems:
  • Conflicts at work
  • Struggling to move ahead in your career
  • Feeling unfulfilled with your career path

    Physical health problems:
  • Dealing with a frightening health diagnosis
  • Psychosomatic conditions
  • Living with chronic pain or fatigue



    Welcome to my private practice in Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing. I am honoured that you are considering me to support you on your unique journey. Here is some information that might be useful for you to have:

    What is the purpose of a healing session?

    My intention is to support you in making fundamental shifts within yourself and in your life. We do this by working through areas of struggle – whether it is physical, mental/emotional, or a life issue such as career, family, romantic relationships, or sexuality. Many of us also long to develop creatively and spiritually and healing is a beautiful way to support the unfoldment of your gifts and abilities.

    What is the first step?

    We begin with a first meeting which can last up to 90 minutes. The fee for this initial meeting is £65. I don’t do a healing during this first meeting; this is an opportunity for us to gain a picture of who you are, and what you might be seeking help with.

    If you don’t feel comfortable with me or with the way I work, there is no obligation to proceed any further.

    If you feel you would indeed like to proceed, we would agree a schedule for sessions and a format for working together.

    Frequency of sessions

    Healing work is most effective when you can commit to a consistent rhythm, which is why I recommend we meet a minimum of once-weekly.

    What happens during a session?

    Each session lasts 60 minutes. You stay fully clothed throughout the session.

    We would spend the initial part of the session in an open-hearted dialogue about whatever is unfolding in your life and within you. I listen deeply with the intention to hear and understand your experience. I perceive the origins of your difficulties from earlier times, and the ways in which the past is shaping, colouring and limiting your present. I communicate this understanding and support the development of a self that is not trapped in or defined by the past. Our inquiry will help you gradually move to the present and see the opportunities for joy that are present here.

    As the session unfolds, there is often a sense of "dropping to land" or arriving at a deep truth about yourself. This can be experienced as a revelation or a moment of awakening about who you are in your life's journey.

    The healing work accelerates this process by opening new awarenesses and freeing you from being held hostage by the past. Through our work together, you will gain self-acceptance, self-understanding and self-compassion. Your confidence will grow and you will trust your capabilities more. New ways of relating to others and operating in life will emerge.


    What happens during the healing?

    The healing work takes between 10 - 15 minutes and is done in silence. You may choose to recline or lie down to receive the healing; also, certain healings take place while we are seated face-to-face.

    Each person’s experience of healing work is unique. Some people may experience warmth or tingling in the body. Others may simply feel relaxed. Many doze off during a healing. All of these are perfectly normal and OK. Being unaware of sensations does not mean you did not receive a deep healing.

    The healings work at a core, soul level to restructure foundational parts of our being. So the growth and change happen from the inside out, in an organic and evolutionary fashion.

    Duration and fee?

    Each session lasts an hour and my fee is £60.

    What should I expect after a healing session?

    As self-care, I suggest that people rest, drink plenty of water and if possible, avoid crowded places such as shopping malls or pubs for a few hours after the session.

    The healing often affects you for many days afterwards. You might feel exhilarated – or you might feel very tired. You might have “healing releases” such as cold/flu-like symptoms, a headache, or mild diarrhea. Some women may find their period starting early or experience mild bleeding. These are all perfectly normal and will pass/fade over the next few days.

    It is also normal to experience emotional releases after a healing. You might feel very peaceful or relaxed. Or, you might find uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, anxiety or anger come up for integration. This is not an indication that something is wrong; rather, they are part of the re-alignment and growth process. If given space, these will also very naturally integrate into healthy energy and new insight and awareness after a few days.

    How quickly will I see results?

    Healing is a steady, organic process that has its own rhythm and works at a pace that has a deeper intelligence than our linear mind. So I cannot offer quick fixes or a band-aid!

    Sustainable shifts in our inner and outer lives can take some time and work – after all, our self-limiting patterns have been with us a long time! - but reclaiming our full self is a deeply meaningful and life-changing process.

    Ending healing work

    Typically, this is something that we will both discuss and come to an agreement about in the course of our work. Always, it is your choice to terminate and I will honour this.

    I hope this preliminary information is helpful when considering whether to work with me as a healer. Please contact me if you would like to arrange an appointment.


    How to find me

    My healing sessions take place in a quiet, private and comfortable room in the south side of Edinburgh. Here is a map to help you find me more easily.

    As I am located in The Grange, between Marchmont, Bruntsfield and Morningside, it's very convenient for travel by bus and train. There are bus stops all around the area, and the number 5 bus stops right outside.

    If you are coming by train, you can either take the number 5 bus from Waverley station; or you might prefer to stroll through The Meadows and up Marchmont Road to reach me. From Haymarket station, it's a slightly shorter walk, though you will be walking through lively areas such as Lothian Road and Tollcross before you reach the beautiful greens of Bruntsfield Links.

    If you would be arriving by car, you will find plenty of on-street paid parking as this is a very quiet area.

    There are several delightful cafes just at the end of the road if you arrive early and want a bite to eat or a hot drink to refresh yourself.

    How to contact me

    If you'd like to speak to me by phone, please call 07427 327 876 and leave me a message. I usually respond the same day or the next day.

    If you'd prefer to email, click here to send me a message.

    I aim to respond to both phone and email messages within 24 hours, and we can usually arrange a meeting within a few days. I look forward to hearing from you.


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